LDSC19 C3/52 Respect people, f2f and when they call

This week’s Leadership Challenge asks to not answer the phone while talking face to face with someone else.

I think it is important to be „non-dogmatic“ with every rule.
What is important to me is to show respect to people, no matter if they are in front of you or trying to call you. I believe, answering the phone during a f2f conversation can be ok, but key is how you moderate it.
– „my dear friend in front of me, please excuse me for a second, I just have to arrange a time with the caller, to clarify an important issue“.

– „My dear friend in front of me – this call is of extreme importance for me and won’t be easy to reschedule – can I come back to you at a later time, because I need to talk on the phone now.“

Of course there are other occasions, where just
putting the phone silent or
rejecting the call with a template message like

– „I’ll call back“ or

– „please try later“

are ok and the best choice.

I believe by showing respect and reasoning once decision, any personal relationship will not suffer. In contrast I see an opportunity for it to even grow trust from the transparent reasoning offered.

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